Week Five-Starting July 20

2nd STEM Activity: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (Includes Fractals)

Week Six-Starting July 27

Week Four-Starting July 6

STEM Lesson-Catapults

Prize Drawing #2

STEM Lesson #1

STEM Video #3

STEM Lesson #2

You will want to complete the Fractals lesson below first in order to help you with the Scavenger Hunt!  Follow the Steps in order to complete the lesson.

Prize Drawing #1

Art Lesson-Coat of Arms

Step 5: Watch the Video on How to Draw a 2D Fractal

STEM Video #1

Art Lesson 

Claysburg Education Foundation


2020 - A Summer to Remember 

STEM Video #2

Art Lesson 

STEM Lesson

Step 2: Watch this video explaning Fractals

Art Activity-Leaf Rubbings

Art Lesson 

Week Two-Starting June 15

Week One-Starting June 8

Week Three-Starting June 22